Charity of the Month.

Each month we give away up to £300 to 3 different charities and fundraisers, through our Charity of the Month draw.






For January 2020, we are happy to have supported the following amazing charity:

Huntington's Disease Association

Find out more at :

Donate to this great cause at :

Joanne put this amazing charity forward who recieved 15 Printed Brand Mugs from us after they were drawn out the hat. They are hoping to use the promotional mugs at their event in May, #LightItUp4HD to giveaway as prizes. In the past this has helped charities raise much needed funds to continue their great work.

The charity told us:

"Huntington's disease is a neuro-degenerative life-limiting condition. It is genetic - if a parent has the Huntington's gene there is a 50/50 possibility it will be passed onto their children. We support people who are diagnosed with Huntington's or at risk of being diagnosed with it."