Charity of the Month.

Each month we run a free prize draw for charities and fundraisers, through our Charity of the Month draw.






For March 2020, we are happy to have supported the following amazing charity:


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Rosie put this amazing charity forward who recieved 500 Printed Balloons from us after they were drawn out the hat. They are hoping to use the promotional balloons at events throughout the year to help create awareness and to give out. In the past this has helped charities raise much needed funds to continue their great work.

The charity told us:

"Equation are a local Nottinghamshire based charity to strive to end domestic abuse and gender inequality. We do this by running healthy relationship lessons and projects in primary and secondary schools, as well as providing professional training for people who are likely to respond to domestic abuse incidents (e.g. police). Alongside our 2 main streams, we also run campaigns and distribute resources throughout the city and county to help survivors access helplines should they need support."