This form can either be used for sending us your print details for order, or for a price enquiry, please send us the following to


1, Quantity:

2, Balloon Colours:

3, Black or White Print:

4, Neck Up or Down:

5, Add Accessories:

6, Charity Name and Charity No:

7, Delivery Name and Phone Number:

8, What is being Printed:



Notes for ordering.


1, Quantity - Min order for the charity discount is 100, or other quantity if prior agreed, i.e charity of month.


2, Balloon Colours - You can have as many balloon colours as you wish, all we ask is that you stick to the same design and print colour, our colour chart is below.


3, Print Colour - The charity discount includes either all your balloons printed in black, or all your balloons printed in white. Other colours available by prior agreement at small ink change cost.


4, Neck Up or Down - Please see image below.


5, Add Accessories - Such as balloon sticks, valves, ribbon, inflators pumps etc.


6, Charity Name and Charity No - Your registered charity name and registration number.


7, Delivery Name and Phone Number - Where you would like this delivering and a number for us and the courier.


8, What is being Printed - If you have a logo please send this to us, as large as possible, ideally in one colour black on a white or transparent background. If you need any text adding, or just text, please describe in as much detail as possible what you might like, layout and style or name of font. If you are unsure, send your logo, and we will let you know if we can do anything with it.

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Order Details for Printed Balloons.